Come Closer

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you… -James 4:8

Listen to My heartbeat as you rest your head upon My chest.  Feel My breath on your face as you draw near to Me.  Quiet your soul and listen for the cadence of My voice.  Allow yourself to flow in the rhythm of My Spirit.  Tune your heart to my frequency and incline your ear to my prevalence—my current of power flowing through your spirit, affecting your soul and body.

What do you value?  You attract what you value to yourself like a selective magnet.  Speak those things that you desire—and declare them into the atmosphere over your life.  You’re not just speaking words into the air, only to watch them fall ineffectively to the ground.  Your words create something, just as My Word created all that is seen and unseen.

I created you after my image and likeness.  Every word spoken in faith and declared is NOT void of power—it shall not return void, but accomplish what was intended.  Your words have power to create something that is not yet seen by your natural eyes.  This is My creative power that I have passed on to my offspring, my progeny, my children.

In order to know what to speak, you must come close—even live in Me.  For it is in Me that you truly live and move and have your being.  We are not 2 but 1 in Spirit.  Your spirit and Mine are One, just as 2 cups of water poured into the same pitcher are one.  Once mingled, how can the molecules be separated again?  I am teaching your soul all that it needs as I sanctify it and conform to My image and My likeness.  This is a process, a journey of love and trust in My faithfulness and capable hands.

I am the consistent One who never leaves you or turns from you.  I am always ‘ON’ to you and for you.  When you feel a breach in communion with me, know that it is not I who have turned aside.  Simply turn your heart and attention back to me again.  Turn away from the negative.  I am nearer than your own breath.

I have given you My power and authority to put off the carnal mind of the flesh and to put on all that I have provided for you to live in My abundance.  Only you must decide—even choose to apprehend it.  Yes, I have given you the strength and the ability to seize what I have already provided for you by the sacrifice and shed blood of My Beloved Son, Jesus.

I am never out of your reach. My presence, My love, My provision and solutions, My wisdom and understanding envelope you like being immersed in water. You need only to jump into this water.

All I have is yours—but it is up to you to receive it.  When your heart feels dull and distant from My realities, spend more time with Me so that I can rekindle the fire in you.  The time you spend in intimacy with Me produces far more than you can imagine.  Like watering and feeding the soil of your soul—you are nourished by our time together not only in this life, but in eternal ways.

Coming into My Presence is not a difficult or tasking thing to do.  Simply come to Me like you would a friend.  Sit with Me and give Me your undivided attention.  I will recalibrate your heart beat to My heart beat—by simply listening to My heart beating as you rest upon Me.  

I will take the cares of your life, yea, lift them from you as you give them to Me.  Don’t hesitate to give Me all of your concerns and cares.  Offer them to Me as a sacrifice, knowing I AM the only One who can provide true help and solutions.  

Fear and worry have no place in our midst.

Author: Commune In The Garden

I was radically saved in the darkest point of my life as a young adult. I've been a lover and disciple of Jesus ever since. I have 3 grown children (1 in heaven) and 4 grandchildren. I am so thankful for everything the Lord has brought me through and done in my life. My desire to write has been with me since childhood. Besides writing, my desire is to teach and encourage the Body of Christ "till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;" Eph.4:13.

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